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In today’s hectic world, many women shy away from treatments for hair removal because they feel that they would not have the time to undergo the sessions. In the past this may have been accurate, but now, facial and body areas that once took hours to treat can now take a few as forty-five minutes. While treatments still may take longer than your normal temporary hair removal routine, once completed, you’ll never have to worry about waxing, shaving, trimming, plucking or any other forms of hair removal ever again. Think of how much time and energy you’ll be saving in the long run. At our centers, we are dedicated to helping you remove your unwanted hair in a way that fits in with your busy lifestyle.

By far, the fastest way to eliminate unwanted hair on the spot is by using temporary methods, however since these are only short-term solutions, they have to be performed frequently in order to keep silky smooth skin. With our technology for Hair Removal, not only is the surface hair removed, but the hair under the skin including the follicle is also treated and destroyed. As the treatments progress, they will continue to destroy actively growing hair follicles, this allows patients to experience less re-growth which means having the skin you want for a much longer period of time. Doesn’t it sound so much easier to have hair-free skin without worrying about when you need to remove unwanted hair next? For those looking for a more permanent hair removal solution, our technology is the answer.

Electrolysis for hair removal have been available to consumers for over ten years, and in that time period, there have been many technological advancement that have allowed more individuals to be able to free themselves of unwanted hair. Now, due to several technological advancements, people with all skin tones, including tanned skin, can undergo Hair Removal with successful results. Why wait any longer when a life void of unwanted hair is just a phone call away? Learn more about our treatments; please call us for a personal consultation.

We have started this firm in Kadathuruthy few years back and at present we have 6 branches across Kerala. We are planning to expand the services to other 3 places soon including Dubai.

We have obtained the Diploma in Electrolysis from USA and we are adopting the technologies and most modern equipments from foreign countries.Customer satisfaction is our aim. That is the victory behind our each operations.



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